ClientExec email pipe How-To

1. log into CE and go to admin->settings->support

2. Make sure the first field - 'Support Email' is filled out with the email address you would like to pipe mail from.

3. Make sure the third field - 'Email For New Trouble Tickets' is filled out with an address DIFFERENT than the 'Support Email'.

4. The 4th and 5th fields - 'Alternate Support Address' & 'Bounce Back Template' determine what happens when you receive an email sent to the 'Support Email' address from someone not in your client database (based on the from: address)
when this happens we need to know what to do with the support request because we can not create a ticket if for an unknown client.
4a. If the 'Alternate Support Address' is filled out then the support request will simply be forwarded to the email entered in this field.
4b. If the 'Bounce Back Template' field is populated AND the 'Alternate Support Address' is empty then a auto-reply will be sent back to the requester with the text specified as the 'Bounce Back Template'. Remember, if you want the bounce back message sent back then DO NOT fill out the 'Alternate Support Address' field.

5. now we need to setup the pipe
create a forwarded to the ClientExec script. the format is:
|/path_to_php/php /home/username/public_html/clientexec/SupportPipe.php
*yes, you want the | in front
*replace username with your cpanel account username and replace clientexec with your ce install directory

6. chmod 755 SupportPipe.php

This String is exactly what you will place in the box on the cpanel forwarders page

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