Do you offer a domain reseller account?

Yes. Resellers are all given a domain reseller account free of charge upon request.
The following are the domains that you can resell and the prices:

(Prices are per year)

TLD  Registration Price
Renewal Price
Transfer Price
 .com $6.99 $6.99
 .net $6.99

Note that domains are required to be registered for 2 years, and must be renewed in at least 2 year increments.

All domains must be purchased through our billing interface. It can take upto 24 hours for a domain registration to go through (usually much less than that)..

Why are the prices so cheap?

As InnoHosting is providing this service as "free of charge", we do not believe in profiting from our domain sales. This gives our resellers the ability to maximize their profits from the sale of domains as it requires minimum support and attention. Our domains all come with the usual services expected from any registrar such as:
- change nameservers
- create/update/delete nameservers (i.e. creating
- Full control panel to administer the domain
- Full WHOIS facility
- Lock/unlock domains from being transferred
- Automatic yearly renewal option

InnoHosting is one of the cheapest domain providers around. Mainly because:
A) InnoHosting does not profit from our domains and thus sells at base cost
B) Because of the volume of domains we register, we have been able to negotiate a low registration/renew/transfer price.


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