How do I go about getting ClientExec?

If you purchased ClientExec or if your hosting package qualifies you for a free instance, you will need to follow these steps;

Obtain the ClientExec from our Download section.

Please note: you will need to be logged in to have access to the downloads.

1) Unzip the contents of your compressed ClientExec file

2) FTP to your server and upload all the content files from the ClientExec zip file.

3) Visit http://yourceurl/install.php and click on Install. Follow the steps until the installer prompts your for a license key. Stop at this point and do not try to continue.

4) Login and submit a support ticket and include a url to your installation path and we will finish the install for you.

5) Delete install.php and enjoy.

Any ClientExec licenses must remain on Innohosting's network wiether it be free or paid and must retain a valid hosting account.

The "free" or discounted offering is only valid to the main account holder upon signing up.

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