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This area contains old versions and should not be used unless there is a specific requirement.
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The import scripts offered here allow you to easily migrate from another software to WHMCS and instructions for how to use the importer script is included in each download.


Filesize: 69.9 MB
WHMCS 8.10 Full
WHMCS 8.10 Full
Filesize: 67.3 MB
WHMCS v 7.90 incremental to 7.91 patch
Filesize: 1.34 MB
WHMCS v 7.91 incremental to 7.92 patch
Filesize: 9.87 MB
WHMCS v722 incremental patch to v723
Filesize: 28 MB
WHMCS v8.2.1
Filesize: 75.4 MB
WHMCS v8.3.2
Filesize: 76.2 MB
WHMCS v8.4.1
Filesize: 76.5 MB
whmcs_v730_full version
Filesize: 51.6 MB
Filesize: 97.9 kB
Filesize: 53.2 MB
Filesize: 27.7 MB
Filesize: 53.2 MB
Filesize: 65.6 MB
Filesize: 7.45 MB
Filesize: 65.7 MB
Filesize: 76.8 MB
Filesize: 76.8 MB
Filesize: 62.7 MB
WHMCS 7.81
Filesize: 66.6 MB
Filesize: 56.6 MB
Filesize: 67.3 MB