Starting from
$40.95 USD
UK VP:Business
VPS Business package with 20GB webspace, 250GB bandwidth, 256mb guaranteed RAM + 512mb virtual swap
Starting from
$30.95 USD
UK VP:Deluxe
VPS Deluxe with 10GB webspace, 150Gb bandwidth, 128mb dedicated RAM + 256mb virtual swap. This package does not meet the requirements to host cPanel. You must choose Business or higher packages to host cPanel.
Starting from
$64.95 USD
UK VP:Enterprise
VPS Enterprise package with 40GB webspace, 350GB bandwidth, 1024mb guaranteed RAM + 2048mb virtual swap
Starting from
$50.95 USD
UK VP:Professional
VPS Professional package with 30GB webspace, 300GB bandwidth, 512mb guaranteed RAM + 1024mb virtual swap